preparation course for practical examination

preparation course for practical examination



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試験に受かるには、全部で12task+infection control がチェックされます。




Assessment Tasks

You will be required to perform 12 tasks from the following list. The tasks will be set for each examination by the ADC. 


1, Restorations of pre-prepared teeth

o Class II composite resin 

o Class IV composite resin 

o Class II amalgam 



o Class III composite resin

o Class II amalgam OR Class II composite resin

o Full gold crown 

o Metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown preparation.


3,Endodontic access on a molar tooth. Teeth with simulated enamel, dentine and pulp will be provided for the Endodontic Access Preparation


4,Fabrication of a provisional crown for a tooth pre-prepared for a metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown. This task will be scheduled on Day 2 of the Assessment and the original, unprepared tooth will be present in the models used on Day 1 of the Assessment. 


5,Clinical communication.


6,Taking nominated radiographs in a manikin


7,Applying a rubber dam 


8,Record keeping


In addition to the 12 tasks, Infection Control will be assessed throughout the examination.


Reference: ADC practical examination handbook



一つか二つでunsatisfactory を取ると不合格になります。また、合格に求められるCriteria が非常に厳しくなっているので、合格するのは15パーセントかそれ以下と言われています。